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Need custom music for your project?

  • Have unique and uncopyrighted music for your film, commercial, video game, or any other kind of project. 

  • Every Project comes with a work for hire document where I sign off all the rights to you or your company.

  • All tracks are mixed and mastered through analog gear.

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Here are some reviews I got while writing music...

Zioma Music is HUGE pro! I'm totally satisfied with the music that he composed for me! Exactly what I wanted! The best experience I ever had with a musician!!!

                                           - Bolatdamir

Thank you so much my friend. It's beyond my wildest expectations, and I got wild ones. Pure genius. Always highly recommended. I really appreciate what you did. You took the song from the ashes and gave it life.

                                           - Paul Morales


I Absolutely love the piece. Thank you so much. It really conveys the emotion that I've been looking for. Ask and it shall be given unto you. " But how do we ask?" Before you ask, he already knows what you need. " He looked beyond my fault and saw my need." I recommend Zioma Music to anyone with a musical idea that needs to be brought to life.

                                               - Jacob

This is the second time we are working with Zioma Music and we are amazed again! Zioma composed a top-notch main theme for our video game. He really invested a lot of work to find the right melody and arrangement. Zioma really understood what we wanted and the music could not be better.

                                            - PS 0000 Lim

My request was for some original orchestral music as used for production music bed for my VoiceOver work. I gave Zioma Music three samples of music that were all different yet held a commonality for my use. HE NAILED IT. Actually I love what he did for my piece way more than any of the three samples I sent him to review. Yahooo! I'll hire him again.

                                        - Edradio

Super talent with great musically range and an understanding of emotion. I asked for some very specific and unique film scoring and Zioma was not only patient and receptive but he delivered!

                                       - Chris Mastro

Absolutely incredible! Incredibly talented and professional, he delivered on time and above the standard that I expected. Thank-you so much! I highly recommend Zioma Music.

                                               - Miss Cleavy

The result of the composition overachieves our expectations. Zioma Music, really carefully listened and understood our needs and he perfectly reached the emotion we wanted for our commercial video. Congratulation for this amazing job. I'll order again and again.

                                               - Fred

Hello! If you are looking for an amazing professional backing track for your song don't look any further! I asked Zioma to create a medieval backing track orchestra for my song and he delivered exactly what I asked for. I love it! Excellent communication, will use again! :)

                                                 - Alice

Again this composer has amazed me. Thank you again for always going above and beyond!

                                      - Willow Creek Urns

Fantastic! Very talented. Will definitely be using again for many more projects.

                                                     - Andrew

Wonderful! My order turned out better than expected. Would certainly use again. Thanks!

                                                 - Fayk

The musician is so talented and professional! We can't love more! We asked for a revision, and it was delivered fast with high quality. Will come back again!

                                               - Tesswoo

AMAZING RESULTS!!! If you want an orchestra behind your track then this is the place to get! I am very very impressed with the responsiveness, the understanding, the musicianship and the heart behind what was delivered.

                                               - Scott Epp

This is the most beautiful masterpiece, thanks for your help.

                                           - Marcus Mabrink

I believe I just met an experimented musician that understands styles and ways of music.

                                               - Futilizator

Brilliant to work with and his work was spot on and as requested! Will use again!

                                        - The Big MG

Super talented composer! Got the piece just right. Definitely using him again.

                                                - Gomez T.

Absolutely loved the delivered piece!     I recommend this composer 100%.

                                                   - Muzquiz

Absolutely appreciated the final result delivered by Zioma Music. Excellent communication!

                                              - Tezuya

If you're hesitating about it, just go for it. Zioma was extremely professional and the results are outstanding. Out of 7 people I contacted before him, he was the only one who responded in a timely fashion and didn't make me feel crazy for presenting what might be considered an unusual job.

                                             - Girl Woman

This is RIDICULOUS!! This guy just gave me perfection!! He just simply over the best I have seen, actually the best! I am so coming back to him and recommending to my friend! He never disappoints seriously!-I'm impressed!!

                                             - Nene

Fantastic Work as always! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A+++++++ 5 STARS!!! Thanks so much for the great and FAST work! You are very responsive and it's much appreciated...

                                               - Nahils


                                              - Vichou

Extremelly professional and responsive super fast deliver. Highly recommended. I will work with him again.

                                              - Wag Ropius

Great communication from this composer, who helped me to complete an individualized project. 5 stars and I highly recommend!

                                               - Marc Farful

This was the very first piece I ordered online and I must say, I'm impressed. It was money well spent. Zioma is extremely talented and I'm planning to order more gigs from him as he definitely knows how to handle different styles/genres of music. I highly recommend!

                                                - Sau Myark

wow! wow! wow! Bro you are outstanding, amazing! Do you know how many times im going to be listening to that riff. Thank you so much. We will do business very very soon, I love music!!!!

                                               - Terrellash

I made a song for my grandpa after he passed away and decided to give my piece for somebody to modify it a little and record the melody for me and seriously, this guy is a gift for the world! Thank you so much for making my song sound like a REAL PROFESSIONAL ONE!! !!

                                         - Nyfactor

I love it -thanks for all you hard work for making this a winner.

                                           - Andre Glenn

Perfect piano soundtrack for my video. A+++ musician.

                                                   Sal Wazack

Outstanding supplier and amazing work. i will definitely order again. thx for your work.

                                               - D3 Sign

Wow! I'm really happy. Thank you so much! My needs was really specific and the song fit my needs at 100%. Will order again for sure.

                                           - Darknesqc

Wonderful Seller. Fast, responsive and delivered extremely quickly. Thanks! Great work!

                                                - Philip Mead

I just can recommend Zioma Music, he play piano perfectly, he delivered a perfect job. It's my 3rd or 4th order! A++++

                                         -Godfather of Game

I was happy with his service, very quick and he did a professional job, This is my second order and I will order again. Thanks

                                                   - Quote Boy

This is my second time hiring Zioma Music and just like last time, he's delivered exactly what I needed! Thank you!!!

                                       - Lwarner

I'm a repeat buyer because I LOVE your work. Thank you for another wonderful piece of music. I love it!

                                               - Twincities

Fantastic experience. I'm very pleased with the quick and quality product. Thank you!

                                                - Johnny Bdun

Very satisfied with the song. He took an incomplete song I wrote and turned It into a great piece. Thanks!

                                          - Emingok

Outstanding Experience! Beautiful playing and great recording quality at same time. Very fast delivery, friendly communucation.

                                            - Micheal S.

Outstanding work!! So well executed and FAST!!! I will definitely use this artist again. Exceptional talent and a pleasure to work with, very professional

                                                     - Medussa

Very professional musician with outstanding skills. I hope to work with him again soon. EXCELLENT experience!

                                            - Wmww

This guy was able to, in short time, with very little instruction, able to provide me with a piece that was exactly what has been rattling around inside my brain.

                                            - Pseudolus

Wow.. First I didn't realized I would add a review. I was blown away by this musicians ambition. He took his time and delivered an outstanding track. Thanks again.

                                            - GodsChild

This is the 2nd order I did with Zioma Music. The man has talent! Very good communication and easy to work with. Definitely will use again.. and again... and again.... :-)

                                               - Calvin H.

Musical genius. This composer doesn't just play the music. This guy feels the music and every collaboration so far has turned out even better than I hoped for. This gig is absolutely worth it and if you are thinking about ordering this gig... ORDER IT! You will NOT regret the decision. AMAZING work

                                          - Fisher Music

Omg Zioma omg. That was so good! You done the pauses spot on! That was so beautifully I could only do that on guitar. Lolita the piano was so beautifully done. Please use him! That was so moving with just a few notes. Please use him!

                                            - Leo Lorenzo

Awesome as ever! keeps delivering! Going back for another song! Super talented musician, takes your song to the next level, and doesn't sound like generic paying, but rather very unique soulful and melodic!

                                         - Rick and Roll Bass

No Modification needed for this one! Perfect and it was fast and responded prompt! Great communication and delivered faster than expected! Great job and solid composer. 

                                             - Abrasiveb

Perfection! This is the second gig I've booked with Zioma Music. Can't say enough good things - excellent communication, perfect finished product... I booked this gig for fast delivery and received the track even faster than expected. YAY!

                                         - L. Warner

Wow man that superceeded my expectations! bravo man bravo you'll be hearing from me soon.

                                                 - Thareal Reed

Great job! Put a lot of emotion into my song. Super happy! Great attitude. I would definitely work with Zioma again.

                                                  - Jade

Wonderful experience with this composer. He delivered beyond expectations! I will definitely use him again!

                                         - Kison Patel

This site is the true goods! I could not be more pleased with his work, work ethic, and process. I found him to be easy going, great to work with and willing to stick with the project. Utilize this mans skills; youll be glad you did.

                                             - Fergie Ferguson

Nice composition. I am a musician and I really can appreciate your works. We'll do a lot of business together in a near future. I highly recommended!

                                                 - Mike Beo

Zioma was very nice and patient with my questions before I even placed an order. And once I did, he sent me a wonderful composition that was exactly what I wanted and more. Great quality work and a very pleasant person - I'll definitely order again.

                                             - Yellow Umbrella

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